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Back to Work!

Covid-19 restrictions in Metro Melbourne ease this Wednesday. I’ll be back in clinic for you starting from November the 2nd. Hooray!

I’m returning to normal clinic hours from the week starting Monday, November the 2nd 2020.

HOORAY! It’s so great to be back!

How are you??

Have you been sitting at your desk all day working from home and finding it hard to stretch and move?

Or are you one of those who used the extra time now you don’t have to commute to do more exercise, and you’re feeling it?

Need a helping hand? I happen to have two of them. 😉

Remedial massage therapy is for you.

Maybe you’ve had more time to reflect and get into your body, and you’re noticing all those niggly aches and pains that have been there the whole time, but you only notice now that you’ve slowed down a bit.

It could also be true that you are stressed the F out, sleep is lacking, working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and you just need someone to get into your muscles & joints and massage your blues away.

Picture it: soft music, a vanilla & cinnamon scented vapouriser quietly bubbling away, and the warmth of an electric blanket under your body while I sink into your muscles with palms, fingers, and elbows.

If you’ve been a bit unlucky, you might have picked up one or two extra injuries over the last few months and need someone to give you a proper assessment and treatment plan.

I’m here to help you rescue and guard your health.

I’m here for you.

Whatever it is your and your body (and your mind) need: I’m back, I’m over the moon about it, and I’m ready to help you feel so much better.

I’ve been missing clinic work A LOT over the last several months. While I’ve had uni study to occupy my mind, in my heart I have been feeling the absence of my usual sense of purpose.

Helping people like you with remedial massage is what drives me, and I’m keen to share this sense of purpose with you again!

Give the front desk a call and book in to see me. After this long, you might even want to treat yourself and book a 90-minute session.

Heck, I’ll happily give you a two-hour booking if that’s what you need. Imagine that! 120 full minutes of my dedicated attention.

Give the front desk a call right now and pick a time to come see me.

We got you!