Max Relax – Relaxation Massage to Save the World

What’s the difference between relaxation massage, and deep relaxation massage?

I have a client who has, in his own words, “been through the treatment wringer.” He has seen at least a dozen different practitioners for his back and hip pain. All of them applied their skill and knowledge in analysing, testing, and treating the condition.

Treat the person, not the condition

The thing is, sometimes that’s just not what a person needs…  really, we need to treat the whole person, not just the condition.

In his initial session of corrective remedial massage with me, we tried a new approach to treatment. We incorporated hip flexor release and pelvic stabilisation techniques, and when I followed up with him a few days later, there was no change.

So we changed.

In his follow-up treatment, I suggested a “Max-Relax” deep relaxation massage, during which I gave him the best of my slow, flowing, nurturing movements, plus deep breathing exercises in sync with those movements.

I play music which is slow, harmonic and in some cases binaural. I moved around the table and my client’s body in time with the music. With his permission, I used lavender oil in my massage lotion. (Not everybody likes lavender, though! I have other options, too.)

The effects of the relaxation massage were immediate. When he was up off the table again, he said to me “I have been needing that for a couple of years, mate.”

The positive effects of a deep relaxation response cannot be underestimated. These effects are wide-ranging and deep-reaching, from chemical, to hormonal, physical and neurological. Every system is encouraged towards calm.

A deep relaxation massage may not solve all of your problems, but it might just give you enough time out from them to give you a fresh perspective.

The look on his face said it all. He was ready for a great night’s sleep.

Have I said this before? — I LOVE MY WORK.