Sports Massage for Peak Performance and Injury Prevention

As with many of the reasons for getting yourself a massage, there is still a long way to go before the research catches up with what we experience in sports massage therapy: a boost in well-being, function, performance, and pain-free living.

People will give you lots of different theories about how a sports massage can improve performance, but what can you be certain you can believe?

How does sports massage therapy benefit sports people and gym junkies? Play the video and listen in as I lay it out!

Sports massage: overview

To be absurdly general, sports massage aims to stimulate your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons to support and improve your performance.

It is often vigorous – not necessarily painful (though that is a common approach for most massage therapists) it is at least energetic, deep and warming.  A sports massage treatment is often a workout for your therapist more than for you!

However, it can also be very specific and targeted – for example, if you have one problem muscle or joint that needs treatment over and above all others.

Perform at your peak.

In order to run, jump, kick, swing, and throw, your mind needs a clear and direct connection with your body. Sports massage helps by giving your brain lots of sensory input about your muscle activity, joint position, and tension patterns.

When all of this information is within your awareness, your brain can control your movements with more power, precision, and all-around performance.

I recommend that you also do a particular kind of therapeutic movement in tandem with your massage treatment. This kind of movement is proprioceptive training.

Proprioceptive training

The Latin word “proprio” means “self”. Thus, proprioception is your brain’s ability to perceive where your body is in space, in what direction it is moving, and how to control it.

As a simple exercise to demonstrate this, close your eyes and put your arm out in front of you. Wiggle your fingers. Then lay your opposite hand over the top of the first one. Your ability to coordinate this movement with your eyes closed is all due to your proprioception.

When your proprioception is strong, there is a good connection between your mind and your body. This enables you to move with more strength, more precision, and higher performance.

Proprioceptive training usually involves slow controlled movements. They are very easy, or very hard, depending on what you need and what your capabilities are.

I can direct you on the types of exercises that will benefit you most, and they will be part of your sports massage treatment.

photo of people using Pilates reformers in Melbourne

Don’t let an injury hold you back.

Melbourne is full of sports people just like you. How many sportspersons do you know who have had to give up what they love due to a rotator cuff or knee injury?

Good practice and training will dramatically reduce the chances of injury. Sports massage will add another layer of protection. With an additional and professional pair of eyes assessing your movement and any soreness, you’ll be far less likely to drop out of action.

Stay in the game. Get a sports massage with Massage Dot Melbourne!