Remedial Massage in South Melbourne and Brunswick East – James Maddock, RMT

Remedial massage therapist, James Maddock. South Melbourne and Brunswick East.

I’m returning to Melbourne in Feb 2020

Due to family reasons, I departed Melbourne on 20th October 2017. I’m returning in 2020 to pick up practice again.

I also intend to begin studying towards my Bachelor in Health Science (Myotherapy) at Endeavour College.

Over the next few months, you can expect this site to make progressive changes as I put together what this will all look like.

See you soon,

— James

I want you to be free from pain. Remedial massage therapy can help you do the things that make you happy in your life with ease, and comfort – whether it’s crushing your personal best on the sports field, or just playing with your kids, painlessly.

What I love most about my work is that I get to mix my life’s passion together with work that genuinely helps people. It’s a win-win. This is my purpose in life, and I want to share it with you.

I have clinic locations in South Melbourne and Brunswick East, with easy access to parking and public transport.

Mobile Remedial Massage across Melbourne

You can now book me not only in the clinic in South Melbourne and Brunswick West but mobile and direct to your home, office or hotel.

I service the cities of Melbourne CBD, Port Phillip, Yarra, Moreland, Moonee Valley, Maribyrnong, and Darebin.

The beauty of mobile massage is you can totally relax after your treatment, with nowhere else to go.

Prepayment in full is essential and while health insurance rebates are still available, they are only by post or the web after full payment.

Shoulders are what I do best.

I am particularly fascinated with shoulders. Our shoulders are amazingly mobile – and, in order to be so mobile, they are also unstable. There are 17 muscles that attach to the human scapula, so there is plenty that can go wrong.

Remedial massage is about getting your shoulders back to where they should be, and then re-training your movement patterns so that they stay there.

But this is just the start. Hips, knees, ankles, backs… and I’ll be happy to take you through a FREE 15-minute assessment to give you confidence in what I do.

Don’t let injury hold you back.

I’m all about helping people get the best out of their bodies. Don’t miss work, don’t skip sports, and don’t lose sleep.

Get corrective remedial massage.

Want to find out more about who this bloke James is? I this short video I introduce myself and talk about my style of remedial massage – what I do, how I do it, and why I do it.

Want to see more videos? Of course you do. Here you are!

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Customer Reviews

One of the most genuine souls I know.

5 5 1
Best lymphatic drainage work ever!!! Especially around my eyes where I have had persistent dark circles and endless treatment. He is results-driven, clearly understands the complexities of the human body and really good at explaining. Highly recommend for a range of well priced, high quality and professional massage treatments.

Great remedial work

5 5 1
Trying to find an RMT to continue shoulder work with in Vancouver reminded me again of how talented Maddock is. You made me feel heard and dug straight to the heart of the problem. Your treatment and the stretches you gave me were so effective. The time you took to educate me about my own body and my symptoms was very much appreciated. Thank you!

James Maddock is exceptionally good at what he does

5 5 1
I have been to several massage therapists now and have never found any even close to his level of skill and knowledge. He has a genuine commitment to making you feel better and he does a very good job at it. Very glad I found him.

James has awoken his genius

5 5 1
I knew I was in safe, knowing, remedial hands. Already in one session, James corrected so much of many of my complaints that have been hanging around for a while. I was amazed at his professionalism, his care, his tool bag of modalities. This is one EXCEPTIONAL BODYWORKER beyond... he is more of a guru in his field & I really hope to take his teachings some day. Thank you so much x

James is a super sensational Remedial Masseur.

5 5 1
Loved the technical knowledge that he shared with me to make sure I understood how to take good care of tension in my body. Thanks James you are a master!

Meticulous and professional

5 5 1
Providing an impeccable duty-of-care with an earthy genuine warmth. Maddock made me feel so much better!

Amazing work!

5 5 1
Maddock really knows his stuff. Love the relaxing location, love him! Highly recommended!

Nice professional approach

4 5 1
Decided to drive a bit to this place due to the positive reviews as that's how I find the good places. Definitely a nice massage and professional approach. Thanks.

Fantastic find

5 5 1
I have been a client for a couple of months now and Maddock is a fantastic find. I have some long term injuries that he is working through more effectively than any other masseuse or other allied health practitioner has before and I am finally seeing some results. He also gives an amazing general massage whether its therapeutic or just for relaxation. Highly recommend!
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