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Remedial Massage Therapy is My Passion

My name is James Maddock (but I prefer to be called “Maddock”) and I have found my calling.

I love channeling my geeky, nerdy fascination with the human body towards helping my clients get back to normal work, school, sports, social and family life.

I am a naturally empathetic, holistic health practitioner with a solid grounding in science. I believe there is no separation between your mind and your body, what happens in one affects the other. Therefore, to treat your body, we must also care for your mind, and vice-versa.

Trust and safety are at the heart of everything I do. Your informed consent is important to me, so I take the time to explain what I am doing in treatment so you can feel involved and engaged in your healing process.


I started practising out of the front room at a friend’s house in Ascot Vale. I then added a position at an osteopathic clinic in the same suburb (HealthQuest Wellbeing Centre).

Realising that I was unable to help a number of my clients at my current skill level, I began to seek out extra courses and workshops to augment my skills.

I became a Regional Ambassador for my professional association, Massage & Myotherapy Australia, in late 2013.

In 2015 I moved to Melbourne Natural Wellness (Collins Street CBD) 2 days a week, and Wind Water Health (South Melbourne) another 2 days a week.

In the same year I was the sole winner of the Massage & Myotherapy Australia Annual Scholarship Award. This allowed me to attend the annual conference and several other high-value workshops from international instructors during that year.

In late 2017 I returned to my native New Zealand to spend some time close to my family. In 2018 I gained a the position as Senior Tutor at the New Zealand College of Massage (Christchurch Campus). Unfortunately this position was too far above my abilities and I left the organisation in November that year. However, it did give me a clear pathway forwards: ultimately, I knewe I wanted to teach soft tissue therapy, and that means going back to school.


In early 2020 I returned to Melbourne, where I am practising in Carlton North while attending Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in the Bachelor level program of Myotherapy. I expect to be a qualified Myotherapist by the middle of 2022.

For now, I’m practising three days per week and absolutely loving my clinic. A good friend of mine, Tracy Kopp, runs the place. She is a chiropractor and an amazing human being, I love the welcoming supportive space she has lovingly created and the diverse, wonderful team she has assembled under her roof.


After that, I intend to do postgraduate study to Masters level, following which I will seek a teaching position. Until then, I am beginning to teach public workshops, and contintuing to take extra practical courses, supporting my association, and networking with other practitioners.

All of this is driven by my passion for providing the best possible care to my clients, helping you to get back to work, school, and normal social and family life, pain free.

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